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One time treatment: $165
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Bulwark Exterminating is one of the foremost pest control service providers with a vested interest in the safety of environment, people and animals. Founded in 1999, Bulwark has been recognized for its green efforts in the Wall Street Journal. The company employs Integrated Pest Management (I.P.M) techniques and eco-friendly products for total pest elimination. Bulwark’s pest control services are more than just spraying that involves listening, convenience, scheduling, responsiveness, accountability and knowledge.

The pest control experts use finest and most effective chemicals to prevent you from pest infestation. The company is trusted by more than 50,000 homes in the US. With offices in San Antonio, Houston, Phoenix, Austin, Las Vegas, Charlotte, St. George, Tulsa, Atlanta and Raleigh, Bulwark’s pest control services are accessible for purchase countrywide. The company’s main office is based in Phoenix, Arizona and operates from 9am to 5pm (Mountain Time Zone).

Bulwark Exterminating has a 100 percent money-back guarantee and is recommended by more than 94 per cent of their clientele. With environment-friendly practices and excellent customer service, Bulwark has been highest rated on Google map reviews.


Bulwark wipes out your pest problem!

Enjoy peace of mind with regular visits from Bulwark’s pest control professionals and remain pest free year-round. The company addresses any pest control problems in advance to avoid damage and headaches. The pest experts safely and quickly eliminates pests such as cockroaches, ants, spiders, termites, bed bugs, roaches, scorpions and more.

Bulwark creates a reliable, strong and consistent workforce by applying the “Rope” culture method to pest control services. This approach encourages compassion, trust, respect, loyalty and maintains the quality of the company’s services. Bulwark custom tailors a treatment program to best fit your home and lifestyle. Many companies apply only one treatment type to control pests in your home. Bulwark’s experts are efficient in all the top pest control methods and recommend The Bulwark Barrier to keep outdoor pests from invading your home. In this, the professionals put down a barrier around your home with an industrial power sprayer to disrupt all bugs nesting near your home. The professionals reinforce the barrier regularly and also protect the interior of your residence from time to time.


Bulwark Exterminating has been serving prominent cities in the United States for over 17 years with consistent and proficient pest control services. With an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and listing on Yelp, Bulwark claims to provide skilled and affordable pest extermination services while retaining numerous accolades and certifications in their relevant areas.

Bulwark has been named a “Best of 2012” winner pest control category on Kuduzu.com. The company is honored to receive the Angie’s List 2012 Super Service Award. Owing to excellence in customer satisfaction, Bulwark has also earned the ResellerRatings Elite badge and has over 268 five-star reviews on ResellerRatings.


  • Christine A. | 06/08/10, 9:47 am |  Rate this review: Add rating  Subtract rating   Overall Rating3 Star Rating3 Star Rating3 Star Rating3 Star Rating3 Star Rating

    Me: We have a small black beetle living in our shower.
    Hubby: Oh, cool.
    Me: No. Not cool. It could be a pregnant beetle and we would have baby beetles running around the house.
    Hubby: We’d be grandparents.
    Me: Would you pick her up and take her outside?
    Hubby knows I will bring it up again if he doesn’t remove the offensive beetle from our shower so he carefully scoops her up on a piece of paper and puts her outside.

    I do not like bugs, bees, spiders, scorpions, termites, ants, fleas or flies. Have I missed anything? Oh, and cockroaches. Ugh! We have been using Bulwark Exterminating for at least 15 years. They profess to use mostly organic and non-harmful products when they spray to treat our house for creepy crawlies. Every summer they treat for fleas and our pets stay fairly flea free. (Try to say those last three words real fast.)

    It all started when a scorpion fell on me while sleeping. This is a long horrific story but suffice it to say that I screamed like a banshee when I looked in the bathroom mirror in the middle of the night and found the scorpion riding on my shoulder. Not fun. And then there was the time a cockroach flew into my hair and I could not get it out at Scholz’s Beer Garden. I still have nightmares…

    Bulwark has come to our rescue for termites, fleas and scorpions. And, thankfully, we have a maintenance contract with them so that, God forbid, I don’t have to lay eyes on another scorpion or cockroach as long as I live.
    Source: Yelp

  • MEEMO | 04/26/12, 5:01 am |  Rate this review: Add rating  Subtract rating   Overall Rating5 Star Rating5 Star Rating5 Star Rating5 Star Rating5 Star Rating

    James Foster just came to do our initial pest control at our home in Katy, TX. He is a very professional technician and very polite. He was very thorough with the instructions and advise of what we could do in the future. He also was considerate of the baby squirrels in our porch post. Advised as to wait till they are no longer in the post and will come back to spray. Then advised to fill in the hole for no future nest. Our dog Riley loves him already. It has only been about two hours since he left and I have already seen evidence of the job well done. Dead Tree Roaches! Looking forward to seeing you once every other month. Give this guy a raise or something. Thank You, A VERY satisfied customer.
    Source: Yahoo

  • Michelle T. | 08/01/12, 9:45 am |  Rate this review: Add rating  Subtract rating   Overall Rating5 Star Rating5 Star Rating5 Star Rating5 Star Rating5 Star Rating

    I have been adopting the really cool black/yellow female garden spiders in my backyard. Have you see them? They build those really cool webs that have the zig-zag in the middle. They are wonderful when it comes to catching the nasty flying insects.

    Well, I named the first one that I adopted Georgia. She built a 6 foot web near my back door. Well, Bulwark called and came out to the house. I neglected to tell them about Georgia and lo and behold, they exterminated her. I can’t blame them as that was their job and I was the dumb-a.. er, dummy that forgot to tell them to leave her be. I called Bulwark and let them know to leave the spiders and they said they would make a note on my account.

    A couple of weeks later, Charlotte showed up in my tree. I noticed her when she trapped a dragonfly in her web. Actually, I noticed the struggling dragonfly first, then I found Charlotte. I was so thrilled. Bulwark called last week and left a message that it was time for my monthly service. This time, I won’t forget to let them know about Charlotte.

    I was here when Efraen Garcia showed up. He said that he saw the note on my account and asked if there were any spiders. I showed him Charlotte and asked that he leave her be. He was very understanding about my quirks and he even got the Charlotte reference.

    Efraen was very careful to spray around my house while keeping Charlotte safe. She’s still happily catching flies, mosquitos, and gnats. I’m happily watching her build her web every morning and sucking down insect innards in the afternoon.

    Bulwark is great – I’ve been using them for 3 years. They come by when they say, they do their job, and the few times that new insects have invaded (I had a couple of ant colonies make their home just outside of the perimeter), Bulwark was happy to come back and take care of them. Their techs are professionals through and through.

    Source: Yelp

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